Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Wed Jul 12 13:42:41 GMT 2000

May I just tout my DNS WINS enhancement - this is ONLY applicable if there
is a 1:1 relationship between DNS Names and Netbios Names.  For us since
we use Samba on Suns and the netbios names of the Suns are their DNS names
this is true.  This is of course only relevant if you are using Samba for
WINS service.

This enhancement basicly says when a name is registered with a WINS server
(Samba based) the IP address has to correspond to a DNS name with same
IP addresses.  This is to achieve 2 things for us:

a) stop random machines stealing our Netbios Names ever (ie the fact they
are in DNS stops them being used, we do not have to defend).

b) We have a WINS server per campus (4 in total), but DNS is replicated
and thus ensures consistency across campuses for our servers.


Note patch is aginst 2.0.6.

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