need the PID of the running smbd - Probs with %d

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Wed Jul 12 08:37:29 GMT 2000

Hi Richard!

> This will work for smbd, though, as you can see by doing:
> [test-%d]
>   path = some-path
> and then browse the server, after telling Samba to re-read its config file.
My whole problem is to generate complete different share configs depending on
domain, server, user, client, share.
A script had to read out the parameters from a MySQL server and then put the stuff
into the share section. Nico had an interessting idea with "source environment".
I tried to use %d because I thougt I would get an unique include file(-name) which
can be build from the script.

Liebe Gruesse,
Stephan Lauffer

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