Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jul 7 17:39:59 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> So did I.  Several times.  I figured if you could dot the 
> i's I could cross the t's.


> I've gone 'round about this issue more than once.  
> Typically, the primary will be on the PDC and the secondary 
> will be on the BDC.

I'll stick by the list of ip's is more intuitive
(like the password server parameter).  The only reason
Windows client have a primary and secondary
is lack of space in the dialog window.  Windows 98 SE
alows more than two I think.  Someone double check me.

> If you think of Samba as a product, then adding the 
> ability to use failover without adding the ability 
> to provide failover is poor marketing.  I'm not
> saying we need to do it for the next release, but 
> we should be thinking about it, *and* thinking about 
> how to enhance the capability.

Sorry. I thinking here of Samba operating in a domain 
security mode as a client only.  Think "running in an 
existing Windows NT network".

I think replication would cool too.  IF someone wants 
to do it, ok.  Wonderful.  But i digress...

<steps up to the mic and addresses the crowd>

  Let's sum this up and deal with the issues at hand.
  Chris Hertel has graciously volunteered to apply the 
  "multiple WINS server" patch with the following 

	'wins server' will accept multiple IP's rather
	than adding a new parameter (secondary wins 
	server) and will function in a similar manner
 	to the password sersver parameter.

  Documentation must clearly and unambiguously state 
  that the list of IP's (or hostnames) should only 
  include WINS server able to participate in multi-
  master replication.  Currently this is only Windows NT.

  Is there any further discussion?  I will delete any 
  further messages regarding WINS replication which are
  tagged onto this thread.  If someone wants to bring 
  up a discussion about WINS replication protocols, that's
  fine.  However, it is not a part of the proposed patch. :-)

  Finally, thanks to Dave Olker for taking the time to 
  initially submit this code. :-)

  If there are no additional issues, Chris H will work 
  on this as he gets a chance.  Thanks Chris.

<steps away from the mic>


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