Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

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Fri Jul 7 16:43:32 GMT 2000

On Jul 7,  3:35pm, Gerald Carter wrote:
> Subject: Re: Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement
> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> >
> > - It only works with NT WINS servers.
> Right.  I said that.

So did I.  Several times.  I figured if you could dot the i's I could cross
the t's.

> > - Windows clients will only be able to address two of them.
> And hence my comments about required a WINS server to
> support multi-master replication.


> > Again, there's nothing wrong with doing
> > what's described below, it's just that the actual
> > value diminishes as the options narrow.
> Don't think so.  Please expand on your comment.
> A concrete example would be nice.


I've gone 'round about this issue more than once.  JF started working
on the WINS replication protocol a while back too.  I got very little
in the way of encouragement (which is why I'm so surprised by the swell
of desparate pleas), and I haven't heard from JF that there was much
excitement for the replication protocol either.

The impression I got was that most people running Samba in their shops
were using Samba as their WINS server.  The reports are that it is more
reliable.  In general, the majority of clients are Windows clients, and
these are limited to two WINS servers: primary and secondary.
Typically, the primary will be on the PDC and the secondary will be on
the BDC.

> > This also means that we're going to want to implement
> > WINS replication ourselves.
> Nope.  Not necessary for this round.

I didn't say 'this round'.  I just said that we'd want to implement it.

I must be typing funny.  Everyone seems to think I'm looking for a
fight on this.  I'm not.  Really.  I'm just trying to work out a clear

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