Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Jul 6 23:41:53 GMT 2000

Dave Olker wrote:
> 1. Minimal amount of change to code and smb.conf file

good :-)

> 2. Only allow a single secondary server, rather than a list

Might I suggest that we rather extend 'wins server' parameter
to accept a list of ip (or hostnames) just like we do for the 
password server parameter.  Seems to keep more consistency 
without having to refert othe smb.conf man page all the time.

	wins server = a.b.c.d w.x.y.z

Registration / Resolution follows the same rules as password 
server.  remaining entries in the list are contacted
only if previous ones are not available.

> 3. The behavior is to query the primary first and only fail over to
>    the secondary if the primary does not respond, rather than use a
>    round-robin method of load balancing the servers.

See comments above.

The one thing that would need to be fully documented was 
the the WINS server specified would need to be organized
in a multi-master replication model. In other, a Samba WINS
server should not be in the list due to lack of replication.

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