Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Jul 6 21:20:15 GMT 2000

On Jul 7,  6:56am, Shirish Kalele wrote:
> Subject: Re: Multiple WINS Servers Enhancement
> > I even
> > think that it would even be nice if there was a wins nsswitch library
> available
> > so that UNIX systems could use WINS to resolve hostnames.  This would make
> > indentifying Windows clients easier in alot of cases (but, that's a
> different
> > issue).
> >
> Andrew has written exactly such a module. Check the HEAD branch
> source/nsswitch directory.
> - Shirish
>-- End of excerpt from Shirish Kalele

Andrew!  You didn't!

That's horrid!


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