[cliffs] update

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Wed Jul 5 18:32:28 GMT 2000

ok!  interesting progress with cliffs.  am chewing through the smbtorture
tests, i have all the lock tests done, and passing.  i have the deny-mode
tests going, except i don't really know how to interpret the output and
there's no confirmation of its results.

i definitely pass fdpass, lock1-5, tcon and unlink, which is kinda cool.

building is still a bit of a pain: please read the README instructions,
you have to "prep" beforehand to get the auto-gen compiler to create
.[ch] files.

no authentication yet, still, as i said i'm going to just call
domain_client_validate() and nothing else, relying on the TNG daemon
architecture to do the actual work.

the smbvfs layer is worth mentioning.  i'm abstracting / simplifying
the SMB calls in a similar fashion to the vfs layer [which is intended
to do a per-share SMB redirector].  the smbvfs layer is intended to
be able to entirely redirect all SMB operations.

for example, writing an smbvfs layer that redirects, using smbclient,
to another SMB server, will be trivial!

compared to smbd, from whence the locking, open and close code is
taken, cliffs is a lot simpler.  i've taken out the write cache and
the stat cache, for example.  if these are later deemed necessary,
then they can be added as a vfs redirector module.

printing can be done in the same way: add a vfs module for the LPT:
device.  heck, could even do a special one depending on the filesystem
type (NTFS, CDFS, FAT), now that i think of it.

i'm not sure where to add DFS, yet.  either as an smbvfs layer or as a vfs
module.  hmmm....

also, found what looks like a bug in the SMBunlink code (actually,
check_file_sharing()).  if num_share_modes == 0, which will be
the case when a file is deleted that is not open, this function
returns False, and the delete fails.  theories, anyone?

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