SAMBA eats up all memory...

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Jul 5 15:15:31 GMT 2000

Sumitro Chowdhury wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running SAMBA on AIX
> I have a 1 Tera Byte filesystem on AIX made available to 
> NT and MAC. There is heavy IO activity on this filesystem 
> and all of a sudden the NT's and MAC's can't read or 
> write any file on this shared filesystem.
> Also AIX is running out of memory whenever this happens 
> and files cannot be copied onto the said filesystem even 
> at unix level.
> The only remedy is to kill the smbd processes, 
> unmount filesystem and remount the filesystem. 
> Invariably, the filesystem is getting corrupted and
> we need to run fsck on it before it can be remounted.
> Please note that there is 8 GB of RAM in AIX.
> And there is absolutely no paging going on.
> We think samba is not freeing up memory that it uses 
> up for reading files.
> Please provide a fix for this.
> Regards,
> Sumitro Chowdhury
> Anderson Merchandisers
> ph: 1-806-376-6251 ext 4864


Could you please provide more information, such as

  * what the NT / MAC clients are doing 
    in general
  * smbd debug logs / error messages


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