FW: Strange compile error

Ron Alexander rcalex at home.com
Wed Jul 5 14:11:43 GMT 2000

Has anyone fixed this yet?

The last time I checked, it was not fixed. Now I can't remember how to

1. Is this the correct forum for this question?
2. How do I check if a specific file has been changed?


p.s. This is Stratus VOS, so I don't have the tools to make the change.

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Ron Alexander wrote:
> SMB_ASSERT(b) ((b)?(void)0: \
> (DEBUG(0,("PANIC: assert failed at %s(%d)\n", \
>  __FILE__, __LINE__)), smb_panic("assert failed")))
> gives this diagnostic
> 067** 1081: A void object is referenced in a context where a valid
>	object is required; an object of type int is assumed.

	(void) 0 makes the Sun cc cross it's eyes, too.

"foo.c", line 7: operands have incompatible types:
         void ":" int

	This is a fatal error, as the code generator can't compare
	an non-storage type, non-constant to a word... I strongly
	suspect this is illegal c, too.

	Can some kind soul amend includes/smb.h to change
		(b)? 0
	in the cvs repository?

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