windows exe/dll/drv header decoder

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Jul 3 13:23:45 GMT 2000

[Jean Francois Micouleau <Jean-Francois.Micouleau at>]
> I'm looking for a windows binary file header decoder a la quickview.
> The source of it would be very much appreciated or if someone knows
> the windows header file format, can you get in touch with me ?

I figure the WINE people might know something. says:

 * pedump  File dumper for 32-bit PE executables.  A good one (based on 
   code distributed with Windows 95 System Programming Secrets) is
   available as part of the LCC environment.  The ELF equivalent is

The href on LCC is

I didn't see any free source code there; it looks like you have to buy
it.  (I'm not used to that sort of thing anymore!) also mentions their own "PE disassembler",

Good luck.


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