[2.0.7-pre1] Error in dokumentation for parameter "username level"

Mattias.Gronlund Mattias.Gronlund at sa.erisoft.se
Mon Jan 31 22:07:37 GMT 2000


When trying to find unnecessary calls to Get_Pwnam I found
out that the documentation for "username level" in smb.conf.5
is wrong (it isn't what is implemented in Get_Pwnam()).

This is my "bad English" attempt to "fix it".

diff -u samba-pre2.0.7/docs/yodldocs/smb.conf.5.yo
--- samba-pre2.0.7/docs/yodldocs/smb.conf.5.yo  Sat Jan 29 03:41:33 2000
+++ samba-pre2.0.7-homes/docs/yodldocs/smb.conf.5.yo    Mon Jan 31
23:05:22 2000
@@ -6313,9 +6313,10 @@
 This option helps Samba to try and 'guess' at the real UNIX username,
 as many DOS clients send an all-uppercase username. By default Samba
-tries all lowercase, followed by the username with the first letter
-capitalized, and fails if the username is not found on the UNIX
+tries with the case that was given from the client, all lowercase,
+all uppercase, username with the first letter capitalized, username
+with the last letter capitalized and fails if the username is not
+found on the UNIX machine.
 If this parameter is set to non-zero the behavior changes. This
 parameter is a number that specifies the number of uppercase


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