Share ignore and storing % tokens in a tdb

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Jan 31 13:35:38 GMT 2000

Nicolas Williams wrote:
| Actually, that would be useful: a share ignore parameter. It's value
| might be a % token followed by a value such that if it does not
| the token's value the share would be ignored.

	Cool!  "ignore if = %m bozotron" would be read
	"ignore this share if %m is bozotron", much like
	the perl idiom. The cost would be a parser change
	to skip forward to the beginning of the next section
	and a loadparms.c change to invalidate the current 
	section and clean up any data structures.

	One could also go nuts and support "ignore if %m == bozotron"
	at the cost of enthusiastic parser changes (;-))

| Also, Luke's idea of storing % tokens in a tdb indexed by <PID vuid>
| tuples is really neat. Not only will it allow the DCE/RPC daemons to
| implement standard_sub_basic() correctly, but it could even be used
| user commands run via the preexec/postexec/open/close/etc...
| (this would require a user-level program for retrieving data from a
| as well as a separate library for C programs to use to access the
TDB in
| question).

	Hmmn: if all the commands which ran external programs 
	did "requoting" of all their parameters, and selected 
	the right values by <pid vuid>, methinks the common 
	case would be covered. 

	The general case would indeed require a library for 
	user programs to call.

[No, I don't really think smb.conf should be a perl dialect.
I find perl a bit too write-only (;-))]
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