samr conversion finished!

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Mon Jan 31 00:52:40 GMT 2000

Hi Luke,

>where lda_struct_info is this:
>	LDAP_DB_HND *hnd;
>	DOM_SID sid;

You're very close, it's LDAPDB *hnd :-) Hopefully the LDAPDB API can be
split off eventually into something useful to other things. At the 
moment it's got a whole lot of samba-specific stuff, but that may

>then you do your ldap-related lda_get_user_info21(ldap_struct->hnd, ...)
>and that's it!

So, you want me to deal with SAM_ACCOUNT_INFO & friends directly? 

>do you want to wait until i write samr tdb, or are you going to stick with
>passdb/*.c groupdb/*.c like you [sensibly] keep telling me?

Well, I can look at samrd/srv_samr_passdb.c as a starting point, yes? In
any case I've got to do some other (musical) work today so I'll probably
not get back to it until tonight or tomorrow.


-- Luke

Luke Howard
PADL Software Pty Ltd

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