Any documentation on which CVS tags are active?

Tim Potter tpot at
Sun Jan 30 22:56:48 GMT 2000

Kevin P. Fleming writes:

> Is there any web page or doc file anywhere that describes which of
> the 30 or so tags in the "samba" CVS are dead, active, etc.?

I don't think there is any documentation as such, but I've been using
the following tags for recent development:

    SAMBA_2_0          Code from which 2.0.x releases are built
    SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE  I think code merged in to the above tag is then
                       merged by Jeremy after passing sanity checks
    SAMBA_TNG          Luke's playpen for Samba 3.0 (-:  Can be unstable.
    HEAD               Semi-stable code for Samba 2.1.x


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