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Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Sun Jan 30 17:03:54 GMT 2000

On Sat Jan 29 2000, David Collier-Brown wrote:
>   I've been wondering about what programming primitives one needs 
> in and smb.conf ile fro a long time, and Mr. Williams' patch 
> re-raises this question. 
>   In a very early version of the O'Reilly book, I described the 
> smb.conf file as having all the basic primitives of a programming 
> language: 
>         variable assignment 
>         conditional code ("include" and "copy" using a %-variable) 
>         blocks (files, sections) 
> but lacking a way of setting a %-variable. 
>   This was too academic, and promptly disappeard from the book, 
> but it is a decent question of the development team: how much 
> programmability should there be in the main smb.conf file? 

Wow. I've thought about this as well.

>   I've seen two proposal to extend the language: 
>   One was from a site with a very large .conf file that contained 
> the definition of all the shares for a cloud of servers. They wanted 
> a way to ignore inappropriaste shares, and save memory thereby. 

Actually, that would be useful: a share ignore parameter. It's value
might be a % token followed by a value such that if it does not match
the token's value the share would be ignored.

>   The other is Mr. Williams' proposal, to do conditionals on 
> netbios names, and to provide a general ${env-var} construct, which 
> they use for Samba-failover on a Veritas HA server. 
>   On the other hand, smb.conf is a much easier language to read and 
> maintain than, say, tcl. We may well want to keep it that way! 
>   So: what about a way to set a variable (environment or %)? Does 
> that buy enough to make it worth the extra complexity? 

The problem is that smb.conf is way too static to really be seen as a
language. Once smb.conf has been read (assuming it doesn't change), the
only things that change are some % tokens which one can use with
includes to play some magic tricks. Whatever value there might be to
having a more generalized variable system would require more dynamism
to be truly useful.

That said, there's a patch for implementing 'open command' and 'close
command' parameters which allow one to define commands to run when files
are opened or closed. That is a very neat feature I plan to use and
which essentially fixes the problems with that awful 'magic script'
parameter. BUT, I'm still concerned about using % tokens to expand into
the given filename in the open/close commands; similar concerns apply to
the standard print parameters.

What I would like, and may patch the open/close command patch to do, is
to have smbd put the given filename in an environment variable or make
%f expand to the heax/base64 encoded file path name to avoid any
trickery a client might play with speical characters in file names.

Perhaps this can be generalized to a 'setenv encoded' parameter that is
evaluated everytime a % token's value changes. This would require
significant changes to Samba though, wouldn't it.

Also, Luke's idea of storing % tokens in a tdb indexed by <PID vuid>
tuples is really neat.Not only will it allow the DCE/RPC daemons to
implement standard_sub_basic() correctly, but it could even be used by
user commands run via the preexec/postexec/open/close/etc... parameters
(this would require a user-level program for retrieving data from a TDB
as well as a separate library for C programs to use to access the TDB in


In fact, I think that would be a tremendous improvement.

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