NetBIOS-less SMB on port 445?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Jan 28 22:08:58 GMT 2000

As I do my research, I find more and more ways in which MS took liberties
with the RFC specs.  You'll note our long discussions about group name
query responses, and the differences between the RFC-specified Adapter 
Status Query statistics block and what MS actually send.

Chris -)-----

> > Um...  How true to draft-leach-cifs-v1-spec-01.txt is it?
> > 
> >   "Further, I believe [RFC] 1001/1002
> >   in general to be overspecified."
> >   --Paul Leach, Microsoft 
> well, fortunately, it is [overspecified].  if it wasn't, we wouldn't have
> a samba wins server.

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