PATCH: 'source environment' param and % token subs for 'netbi os name'

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Fri Jan 28 19:26:16 GMT 2000

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> 'netbios name'
> >  - Also, on our HA servers it's possible to have two Samba personalities
> >    running at the same time (one system fails and the other takes over
> >    -- we setup our home dir and applications file servers to do HA
> >    backup for each other -- we use the interfaces paramters to do this).
> whooooaaa.  MAJOR advanced functionality.
> nico, can you write this up, how to set it up?  that's kind of... really
> important marketing points for samba.
> samba HA server.
> samba HydrA server.
	Hydra was the original codename for NT Terminal server, however.
Using it here may confuse people.

> hey, i like it!

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