Slow first connect from Windows NT/ppp

Ervin Nagy ENagy at
Fri Jan 28 09:11:13 GMT 2000


Does anybody have experiences with accessing a Samba server by ppp remotely?

Our Samba 2.0.5a server is running on a FreeBSD 3.3 system, wired to the internet. Different off-site Windows 9x, Windows NT 4 Workstation users need to access this server, via dialing in to their respective local Internet Service Provider.

The server can be accessed OK, thanks to archived mailing list messages of the Samba mailing list, by different authors.

There is only one flaw, the waiting time of the first connect. 
When e.g. I give out this command on the Windows client:

NET USE S: \\<server ip address, or domain name, or lmhosts name>\<sharename>

for the first time, the response comes only
- after 46 seconds in case of connecting from Windows NT 4 Workstation (SP4 installed)
- after 8 seconds (different!) in case of connecting from Windows 95 (oldest release).

Thereafter the responses come quickly, immediately. 
But after certain idle time, the response comes again that slow.

In smb.conf on the server we have the following settings:

If I ping the server, the response comes always immediately.

I would highly appreciate if somebody could share his/her experiences with me.


Ervin Nagy
Deep Space Software Ltd
Budapest, Hungary, Europe

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