[samba-tng] spoolss conversion and others

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Fri Jan 28 06:27:06 GMT 2000

3 functions left to go.  should be done by tomorrow afternoon.  that
leaves sander striker to do 3 functions in samr (he said tomorrow
evening).  and elrond to do lsarpcd.  there were a couple of other people,
if you remember who you are, there's still srvsvc, svcctl and netlogond
left to do (out of the biggies).

i'd consider netlogond and lsarpcd to be the priorities.  netlogond....
yeah, netlogond shouldn't be a problem.  i thought it _might_ be due to
the referencing of the credential database, but i forgot that i converted
that over to use netlogoncreds.tdb, so _that_'s ok.

if there are any takers for netlogond (we already have elrond on lsarpcd),
then i will get on with designing and writing a srv_samrd_tdb.c.  
_that's_ going to be fun, i get a chance to cut out all that trash in
passdb/*.c and groupdb/*.c, hooray, at last i hear you all say.

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