coding volunteers needed for msrpc server-side API conversion

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Jan 27 19:43:21 GMT 2000

> > so, for now, we massage the code into something suitable, remove the
> > marshalling / unmarshalling from actual _implementation_ of the functions,
> > and _then_ we can go for auto-gen'd marshalling / unmarshalling.
> > 
> > which is why it's important to use UNICODE strings not char*.
> Hmmm... yes... (not yet completely convinced :-))

on UNICODE?  it's simple.  we can't do it, because that's not what
microsoft implemented.  therefore, we have to use UNICODE.

i want to implement, for example, a srv_samr_tdb.c which stores UNICODE

if you convert to using char* as the samr API, i can't do that, and we
lock out all the samba users in russia, china, japan and all other
non-ascii-based alphabets.

plus, the recursive-implementation of the LSA (as a redirector) has to be
in UNICODE because the client-side is UNICODE because the server-side is
UNICODE (a recursive argument for a recursive implementation :-) :-)

we can't just convert to ascii and back to unicode because we feel like
it, we're losing info.

the only reason i did that as a first  implementation was because it is
simple to do.  now we have to move on.

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