SIG 11 error in V2.0.6 on S.u.S.E. Linux 6.3

Meile Andreas Andreas.Meile at
Thu Jan 27 09:21:27 GMT 2000

Dear Samba team

Whow! Those silly dots were REALLY the problem!! :-)))) Now smbd 2.0.6 works

Tip to *every* Samba software engineer for the next release:

- smbd should check the occurence of dots and write something like "password
host: invalid host name" in /var/log/log.smb
- Or better: "testparm" should already "beat" on the sysadmin's fingers if a
DNS like entry is found there (because of the IP address in S.u.S.E.'s
example file, I assumed DNS syntax, *not* NetBIOS syntax). May be that
S.u.S.E. should give a *more clear* example file...

But *why* did V2.0.5a accept this entry with dots without problems?!?

Finally, thanks again :-)


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> don't use "." in netbios names, _particularly_ in the "password server"
> parameter.  you had better have a NetBIOS name of nttowi01 for your PDC.
> i got caught out by this by specifying "password server ="
> once, and wondered why i was getting NetBIOS lookups for "208"....
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