Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Thu Jan 27 08:36:01 GMT 2000

well, i am sitting here in partial-darkness, in a flat where, earlier,
flat-mate #1 decided to switch on the t.v (which he keeps on all night:
flickerflifliflickernyanyanyah).  flat-mate #2 decided a) to invite a
guest over b) switch on loud music c) smoke d) forget to remind guest that
there are people attempting to sleep (after all, it was only 1:30am). e)
have sex.  quitely.

so, not surprisingly, i got food, computer and telephone cable and carried
on working on the spoolss conversion.

i just wanted to say, jean-francois, that i am very impressed with your
code.  i particularly like the sarcastic remarks about having to implement
the same spoolss server-side bug-fixes to deal with nt client-side bugs, i
think that's hilarious.  the thing is, microsoft _has_ to do it that way
so as to be backwards-compatible with legacy clients.

oh well!

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