login server for *any* domain

Daniel Stenberg Daniel.Stenberg at haxx.nu
Thu Jan 27 07:41:10 GMT 2000

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> have a look on the samba web site.  examine the ftp contributed dir, you
> are looking for samba-1.9.17-multiworkgroup.tar.gz

Hm, I couldn't find that file in there. The only one I found was


> examine the design restructuring in nmbd.  that version of samba was
> capable of being a domain master browser for any domains you told it to
> be.
> if you want that functionaliity, i suggest that you attempt to recreate it
> in samba cvs main (3.0).

Thanks a lot for this info. I'll continue in your set direction! ;-)

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