[SAMBA_TNG] bug in samr_lookup_names()

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Wed Jan 26 20:36:10 GMT 2000

i hate looking at these, can someone else help track it down?

i added a samrlookuprids command, it's easy to repro this problem.

do this:

rpcclient -S SAMBA_TNG_SERVER -U% -l log
[$ ] lsaquery
[$ ] samrlookupnames someuser
[$ ] samrlookupsids the-rid-returned-from-the-samrlookupname-command

this will pause, and pause, and time out.

in log.samr, it goes nuts in that damn, irritating, USELESS code that i
keep meaning to replace, which converts unix groups to NT groups, and unix
groups to NT aliases, and unix users to NT users, except it doesn't, it
gets its arse about its tits and goes off into WONDERLAND pretending that
unix users are NT groups, and NT groups are unix aliases and goes into
infinite recursion mode.


p.s no, my name's not argh.

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