login server for *any* domain

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Wed Jan 26 17:52:05 GMT 2000


have a look on the samba web site.  examine the ftp contributed dir, you
are looking for samba-1.9.17-multiworkgroup.tar.gz

examine the design restructuring in nmbd.  that version of samba was
capable of being a domain master browser for any domains you told it to

if you want that functionaliity, i suggest that you attempt to recreate it
in samba cvs main (3.0).

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On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Hello, you hardcore samba hackers!
>  We are currently involved in a project where we want to setup a samba
> server with a somewhat special task:
>  We want our samba machine to work as a login-server for all possible
> domain names (eventually also with a specified list of exceptions). This
> could probably be made if the master browser gets the capability to keep a
> default login-server for unknown domains. This also forces the
> login-server to be able to respond to an "any-domain" request.
>  We want all users with any password that login with whatever domain to be
> acknowledged and approved to "login". This is probably as easy as to not
> make any real password check in the login-server.
>  I'd be very interested in comments and suggestions in how this is done
> the best way. I have not been hacking samba source before, but I'm willing
> to make as big dive as it takes into this.
>  If anyone else has done anything similar to this before, it would be very
> interesting to get in touch.
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