samba-tng ....failure to make install

Lanny Baron lnb at
Sun Jan 23 21:25:09 GMT 2000

Hello, following the intructions shown below (only using my own dir's) I
constantly get the same failure.

Here are the intructions as per the URL,

How to compile and install "Samba Main" and "Samba TNG" 

                         You need to get the latest Samba from the CVS archive.
There are two branches
                         (MAIN and SAMBA_TNG) you have to get. Because of that,
you need to create 2
                         directories. You can create them wherever you want to.

                         mkdir /usr/src/samba-main
                         mkdir /usr/src/samba-tng

                         Before you can checkout something from cvs, you need
to log into cvs. When you get
                         prompted for a password, enter "cvs".

                         cvs -d :pserver:cvs at login

                         Now you can check out Samba MAIN from the cvs archive.
This will create a new
                         directory in /usr/src/samba-main.

                         cd /usr/src/samba-main
                         cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co samba

                         After that, you can check out Samba TNG.

                         cd /usr/src/samba-tng
                         cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co -r

                         Now you can compile and install the neccesary samba
files. Please don't "make install"
                         in the samba-main directory. You only have to copy
smbd and nmbd from this

                         cd /usr/src/samba-tng/samba/source
                         ./configure --prefix=/opt/samba-tng
                         make install
                         cd /usr/src/samba-main/samba/source
                         ./configure --prefix=/opt/samba-tng
                         cp /usr/src/samba-main/samba/source/bin/smbd
                         cp /usr/src/samba-main/samba/source/bin/nmbd

                         Because "make install" doesn't create all necessary
files, you must create some files by

                         mkdir /opt/samba-tng/private
                         mkdir /opt/samba-tng/profiles
                         mkdir /opt/samba-tng/netlogon
                         touch /opt/samba-tng/private/smbpasswd

                         08.01.2000 Hint from Jens Skripczynsk
                         Change the mode for the profiles directory to "1777",
so samba can create
                         subdirectorys for any user.

                         chmod 1777 /opt/samba-tng/profiles 

Here is the results from just the make install for samba-tng:

libtool: install: warning: `bin/' has not been installed in
libtool: install: warning: `bin/' has not been installed in
libtool: install: warning: `bin/' has not been installed in
libtool: install: warning: `bin/' has not been installed in
Installing man pages in /usr/local/samba-tng/man
The man pages have been installed. You may uninstall them using the command
the command "make uninstallman" or make "uninstall" to uninstall binaries,
man pages and shell scripts.
Installing scripts in /usr/local/samba-tng/bin
mkdir: /usr/local/samba-tng/bin: File exists
Failed to make directory /usr/local/samba-tng/bin
Have you run installbin first?
*** Error code 1

Any idea why this is constantly happening? 
In the dir of /usr/local/samba-tng the above makes the following when I
initially do ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba-tng from the dir of
/usr/local/samba-tng/samba/source :

bin          man       samba

And bin shown above is not a directory:
freedom# ls -al bin
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  56365 Jan 23 16:21 bin

Thank you for your help,


Lanny Baron
Date: 23-Jan-00
Time: 16:25:09

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