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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Jan 25 00:17:34 GMT 2000

i have started on a series of mods to split the samr marshalling /
unmarshalling code away from the samr service code.  i intend to match up
rpc_client/cli_samr.c functions EXACTLY with samrd/srv_samr_passdb.c
functions, except for an _ at the front of the server-side functions.

to samba team members, please do not accept patches from people that call
the server-side functions directly, ask them to only call the client-side
ones. (samr_close() _NOT_ _samr_close()).  it is srv_samr.c's job to call
_samr_close(), not theirs, as there are memory-allocation / cleanup issues
and other things to deal with in srv_samr.c that they might not have dealt

at the end of this, we will be able to provide a trivial loop-back
implementation of a samr API that cuts MSRPC marhslling/unmarshalling out
of the loop altogether, which is something that andrew really wanted:

uint32 samr_close(POLICY_HND *hnd)
	return _samr_close(hnd);


with which the samba code should be linked INSTEAD of
rpc_client/cli_samr.c and rpc_server/srv_samr.c marshalling unmarshalling

simple, huh?


so simple, why didn't i think of it two years ago, would have made life a
lot easier.

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