BUG: NT spoolss printing. poss. solution: remove standard_sub().

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Sun Jan 23 05:02:40 GMT 2000

we have an issue with standard_sub() in NT printing.  NT spoolssd calls
down from an IPC$ share (not, repeat, not, a connection to
\\server\printername share or [printers] section of smb.conf).

this means that standard_sub() is going to pick up the substitution
properties of the IPC$ share in printing/printing.c (not, repeat, not, the
properties of the \\server\printname share or [printers] section of

what is going to be done about this?

win9x users connect to \\server\printname, and get samba to reconfigure
acourding to smb.conf %u, %P, Pp, %S etc which are all service-dependent
config options.

winnt users will not get this, they will get unexpected behaviour.

according to the rule of least surprises, my proposed fix is to
global/search/replace all printing/printing.c code that contains a pointer
to a connection_struct and calls standard_sub() with calls to
standard_sub_basic() instead.

it's broke, so trash it and bring both win9x and winnt into line.

objections or better suggestions, anyone?

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