BUG: all versions of samba when used by WinDD / NTrigue / TSE

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Fri Jan 21 21:03:53 GMT 2000

this applies to the usage of standard_sub_basic().

there is only one sesssetup_user string, therefore standard_sub_basic()
will substitute the wrong info when multiple users connect to the same
smbd process, e.g when WinDD, NTrique or TSE or an other for of
multiplexing of users onto the same smbd rpcoess occurs.

this will _at least_ result in such users receiving the profile path /
location of the first user or a different user when doing an NT login.  it
may also disrupt how the users see samba, if there are such dependencies
as: include = smb.conf.%U in the samba configuration.

the solution may be to have a tdb referenced by smbd process id (pid) and
SMB user id (vuid) which contains the relevant info, cached at connection

this should contain _all_ the necessary state info to do a

comments and design discussions needed and welcomed.


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