access_table()... - got it

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Jan 18 11:49:05 GMT 2000

very nice Matt.

I created a compatible fn from your code as follows:

static int access_table2(int new_deny,int old_deny,int old_mode,
			 BOOL same_pid, BOOL isexe)
	BOOL r, w;

	r = is_allowed(new_deny, DOS_OPEN_RDONLY, old_deny, old_mode, same_pid,
	w = is_allowed(new_deny, DOS_OPEN_WRONLY, old_deny, old_mode, same_pid,
	if (r && w) return AALL;
	if (r) return AREAD;
	if (w) return AWRITE;
	return AFAIL;

and it does work for all except the DENY_FCB cases.

> [well, except for DENY_FCB which I maintain does not exist]

why do you claim it doesn't exist? It's in the spec and NT certainly
accepts it, as does Samba. It seems crazy to not support it.

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