[SAMBA-TNG] status (client-side code)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Sun Jan 16 18:56:44 GMT 2000

ok, i just did a lot of simple but important fixes.  the client-side MSRPC
code is used inside the msrpc services, so it fixes things there, too.

basically, outstanding client-side connections were not being
automatically disconnected when they were done with.  if they _did_ work
[the disconnects], then there were bugs that would cause core-dumps
because the connections were sometimes closed too early, and were still

... oops :)

so, as usual, please re-check-out.  as usual, please report errors in a
verbose and explicit manner.  as usual, if you haven't got [pretty much
literally] the latest cvs, please do so and_ then_ report any issues.

thanks for your support, people.


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