net use/home versus profiles

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 14 05:25:38 GMT 2000


I have looked at this issue some more, and the following seems to be the case.

When you do a net use /home, Win9x sends a NetUserGetInfo with a detail of 11.

Samba 2.0.6 fills in the usri11_homedir with lp_logon_home, not lp_logon_path.

However, when Win9x is logging off or on, it also does a NetUserGetInfo
request with a detail of 11.  Samba also returns lp_logon_home in the
usri11_homedir field.

Now, Samba cannot distinguish between the user doing a logon and the user
doing a net use /home.  Unless Win9x does something different if it detects
a real NT server, then we may be hosed.

It helps in looking at these if you have a tool like Ethereal that breaks
out the LANMAN requests.  Unfortunately, there is a bug in 0.8.1 that
labels the NetUserGetInfo as something else, and I need to decode more of
these requests, or actually the responses ...

I will have a look to see if NT does anything different.

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