Win9x speed and Samba.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Jan 13 01:53:58 GMT 2000

Reading the comp.protocols.smb newsgroup sometimes has
its benefits :-).

Someone just posted there that they improved the speed
of their Win9x systems by a factor of 15 against a Samba
server by applying the patch to *all* versions of Win9x
(*NOT* NT) described in Microsoft knowledgebase article :


-found at :

Apparently Win9x (all versions) has a bug in the TCP
RTT calculations that can cause premature retransmissions
of packets. Now the article claims this is only on high
delay networks (satellite links etc.) so your millage
may vary.

There is also a patch for NT4 SP5 and below (the fix
was rolled into NT4 SP6).

Articls - Q232512 refers to the NT fix (there is a link
to this from the web page above).

If people on this list having performance problems could
try this fix out and report back I'd really appreciate it.

If it turns out to be beneficial I'll add a link to the
main Samba web page and add it to the Samba docs for the
next release.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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