[SAMBA-TNG] status

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Wed Jan 12 23:09:13 GMT 2000

things fixed, today:

- large PDUs work again.  symptoms of problem: USRMGR.EXE not working if
you had more than about 16 Domain Groups.  there are plenty of other
symptoms, such as printing not working.

- profiles work again.  symptoms of problem: user profile path is not
available etc etc.  i had to hack this one, for now.

- SamrSetInfoUser info level 0x17 works.  symptoms of problem: NT5rc3
being added do a samba-tng domain failed to work.

there were a couple of others.  can't remember.  i'm off home: see you all
again either from dial-up or tomorrow.  thank you everyone for sending in
reports, i'm sorry i keep telling some of you to back off a bit, there
really are too many of them, but that's my own fault for coding away
without access to my nt test network for 10 days.

best regards,


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