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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jan 12 22:35:40 GMT 2000

> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000 08:21:53 +1100, hai scritto:
> >GO> wins hook fires for  "WORKGROUP <00>" with ip
> >GO> Is this correct being WORKGROUP <00> a group name?
> >
> >addresses.  WINS  responds  to  a  name query on a group name with the
> >limited broadcast address ( Because routers block the
> I expressed it the wrong way, I think.
> I'm not arguing the fact that WORKGROUP <00> is correct.

...well, it isn't "correct", it's just the way Microsoft did it.

> I'm saying that the wins hook should be used to update dns, so it should
> not fires for group names. 

My personal opinion is that NetBIOS names should *never* be mapped into 
the DNS.  The two name spaces are separate and have separate meaning.

...but no one ever listens to me.  ;)

> I asked about this in the past and Andrew Tridgell said that "it won't
> do group names".
> So is WORKGROUP <00> something particular that is not
> considered a group name?

WORKGROUP<00> is a group name, and WINS will store all group names
*except* those of type <1C> as having an IP of  This is
bad behavior, but it's what MS chose to do. 

> If the wins hook behavior is right, then we need to set up a
> wins-hook-script that filters these values in order not to update dns
> with

I'm not sure how wins-hook is set up.  If it's simply an option to update 
the DNS then yes, you'd want to filter out the entries.  
You might be able to configure the DNS server to reject those.

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