Rooted build in makefile? (was RE: Packaging directories)

Mayers, P J p.mayers at
Wed Jan 12 12:11:58 GMT 2000

Erm... No.

I have a working 2.1 RPM spec which fits RedHat's layout, but I haven't
updated it for 3.0 (still using /usr/local for that at the moment).

It would be a *LOT* easier to package samba if the makefile supported a
rooted build like (say) cyrus:

        $(srcdir)/install-sh -d ${DESTDIR}$(exec_prefix)/bin
        $(srcdir)/install-sh -d ${DESTDIR}$(exec_prefix)/lib
        $(srcdir)/install-sh -d ${DESTDIR}$(prefix)/include/cyrus

Unfortunately I know next to nothing about autoconf, so am not qualified to
do it. Or maybe it does already. If so, what's the command? I'll roll an



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Does anyone know how up-to-date these directories are?

For example, does the build Samba RPMS cleanly for RedHat 6.1?

What about TurboLinux 6.0?

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