Benjamin Kuit bj at
Wed Jan 12 10:34:43 GMT 2000

> Hello,
> 	There is a way to use a DATABASE (MYSQL) like validation system, at the
> LDAP Style?

I about this time last year I wrote some MYSQL code for the user/password
database, which Luke checked into the 2.1-prealpha release. I hadn't
written any documentation for it at the time because the semester
started and university life took me away from my programming (life?).

I had set up our NT domain with a Samba server with a MYSQL database
in april and it seems to be working well since then.

Alas I haven't looked at any samba code since then so I dont know
how usable it is at the moment. I am willing to have another crack
at it as soon as I get a chance to. I dont have an ETA on it though,
it would require me to catch up on what release does what again =(.

I'll give it another attempt soon(ish).


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