Samba & cadds5

Stefano Colombo s_colombo at
Wed Jan 12 20:46:25 GMT 2000

Hi all 
	Since this mailing list has proven to be so helpful here I am again
in searching of any tips  anyone would be so kind to give.
	A customer of our runs several PC workstations with a CAD sw CADDS5
, and several Unix boxes used as files servers with Samba of course.

	Recently Samba has been upgraded from 1.9xx release to the 2.06 .
Since then  a major problem has been reported by the customer.
	CADDS5 seems to use a proprietary way to list files and directory
,and after samba's upgrade it doesn't work anymore.
	The smb.conf hasn't changed and other programs on the PC like Word
works properly , even if slowly.

	I'm not a CADDS5 engineer ,nor I know how it works , so I wonder if
anyone knows what this problem might be , or if it is already seen .
	As usual thanks in advance.
Stefano Colombo  ( scolombo at ) 

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