Translation/Conversion problems

Michael Malyshev Michael_Malyshev at
Mon Jan 10 17:49:39 GMT 2000


There is a huge problem with file/dir conversion on amiga systems, we use a
1251 like codeset for cyrillics here and there is no way to do a conversion
of the russian names from a pc (I believe they are in 866 there) since they
can not be displayed on amiga, there is no way to get this files ;-(

It is just about possible to use the KOI8-R translation but thats not very
usefull, I'll be glad if you could include 866 -> 1251 conversion.
I could not figure out how the conversion tables are created inside the files:


So please tell me how to do it or you can make one yourself, since it's a
very common charset, so that the problem is fixed.

I also include a 1251 codepage file for addition to the samba distribution
that I have made.

Kind regards
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# Codepage definition file for Code Page 1251 - AmigaOS Cyrillic
# defines lower->upper mapping.
# Written by Michael Malyshev ( Michael_Malyshev at )

# The columns are :
# lower    upper   map upper to lower    map lower to upper
  0xA8     0xB8    True                  True
  0xC0     0xE0    True                  True
  0xC1     0xE1    True                  True
  0xC2     0xE2    True                  True
  0xC3     0xE3    True                  True
  0xC4     0xE4    True                  True
  0xC5     0xE5    True                  True
  0xC6     0xE6    True                  True
  0xC7     0xE7    True                  True
  0xC8     0xE8    True                  True
  0xC9     0xE9    True                  True
  0xCA     0xEA    True                  True
  0xCB     0xEB    True                  True
  0xCC     0xEC    True                  True
  0xCD     0xED    True                  True
  0xCE     0xEE    True                  True
  0xCF     0xEF    True                  True
  0xD0     0xF0    True                  True
  0xD1     0xF1    True                  True
  0xD2     0xF2    True                  True
  0xD3     0xF3    True                  True
  0xD4     0xF4    True                  True
  0xD5     0xF5    True                  True
  0xD6     0xF6    True                  True
  0xD7     0xF7    True                  True
  0xD8     0xF8    True                  True
  0xD9     0xF9    True                  True
  0xDA     0xFA    True                  True
  0xDB     0xFB    True                  True
  0xDC     0xFC    True                  True
  0xDD     0xFD    True                  True
  0xDE     0xFE    True                  True
  0xDF     0xFF    True                  True

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