smbpasswd -j SAMBA_DOMAIN - fixed

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jan 10 15:06:34 GMT 2000

ok, i got so fed up with all the reports of people using smbpasswd
bitching about how it couldn't be used to join its own domain that i fixed


you should be aware that smbpasswd sets the initial trust account password
to server_name_in_lower_case, and then changes it, using the initial
password to encrypt the new one. this is to be compatible with NT 4.0.

IF you are concerned about network sniffing from hostile users, THEN:

use rpcclient instead (lsaquery; createuser sambaserver$ -j).

the password change is done using the administrator's username / password
to encrypt the trust account change, NOT the old trust account password.


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