LDAP PDC and 100% pure TNG tested

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Mon Jan 10 11:13:07 GMT 2000

Runs fine with the LDAP schema suggested a long time ago
Grant the access to NT (4.0, SP3/5), mount volumes and load the profiles
well, fine and faster. A great work.

I found two minor problems.

1.  I found what %L is undefinied (netbios name) when the
ldapsam_getsam() is called.

Of course, the problem is minor and inherited from HEAD branch but a bit
more acute:
With a patched /sampassldap.c (a call to standard_sub_basic() for %<d>
decode) I can manage ldap entries as:
	profile: \\%L\profiles\prn2

diff -p ./passdb/sampassldap.c-DIST ./passdb/sampassldap.c
--- 136,147 ----
        if(ldap_get_attribute("script", logon_script))
                sam21->logon_script = logon_script;
!       if(ldap_get_attribute("profile", profile_path)){
!               DEBUG(0,("Retrieving raw profile %s\n",profile_path));
!               standard_sub_basic(profile_path);
                sam21->profile_path = profile_path;
+               DEBUG(0,("Retrieving profile_path %s\n",profile_path));
+       }


the log shows:
> Retrieving profile_path \\\profiles\prn2
----------------------------^ netbios undefined?

if I use: profile: \\%h\profiles\prn2
runs well, but the netbios macro (%L) don't runs when (%h) does...

2. The second problem is about the file private/<domain>.<hostname>.mac:
The logs shows:
> [2000/01/08 12:45:55, 0] passdb/smbpassfile.c:trust_password_lock(78)
> trust_password_lock: cannot open file /usr/local/etc/samba/private/CTI-SMB-DEV.BILBO.mac - Error was No such file or directory.

the server "bilbo" has an account (as the README says), but I can't use
"smbpasswd -j" because bilbo is a PDC.
The samba runs perfectly, I suppose this is a warning.


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