Ethernet Errors - One Direction Only

Simon Murcott simonmu at
Sun Jan 9 19:55:42 GMT 2000

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Elliot S. Metsger wrote:

   I've been reading this thread...  I have to tell you that in my experience, D-Link
   equipment has been the source of many a network problem.  It wreaked havoc on my
   network - ports got partitioned, etc. etc.  So now I don't use any D-Link products
   at all.  I wasn't able to pinpoint the problem exactly, but when I removed the
   D-Link equipment, my problems went away.
   Now I use Netgear 10/100 cards exclusively, and I have no complaints.
I have seen similar. My network which is mainly a mix of various 3com
and SMC cards works very well. One machine withg a dlink card in it was
introduced and the collision rates went through the roof. Turned the
machine off and things we sweet as again.

I have also had nothing but stress with dlink hubs.   


Simon Murcott

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