fun to work with

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Jan 8 21:19:43 GMT 2000

this is just so cool.  i have the "biggie" to code up (netlogon "sec
channel" authentication token parsing) in a bit.  i just wanted to say tht
the principle of having authentication apis is _so_ cool.  the changes to
the main code to add netlogon secure channel - NetrSamLogon - will be zero
changes.  the changes to NetrAuth2 implementation was to put neg_flags in
there as a proper parameter like it should have been already.  the changes
to NetrReqChallenge - zero.  a little bit of code to set up the netlogon
sec channel, if negotiated (10 lines), in cli_nt_setup_creds().

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