couldn't find wps

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Sat Jan 8 19:33:16 GMT 2000

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000 03:59:53 +1100, hai scritto:

>Jan 8 11:46:31 bucka PAM_pwdb[18444]: authentication failure; (uid=0) ->
>smbuser for samba service
>However, I am using the correct password for smbuser and I have executed
>successfully the command:
There's a problem: your smb.conf shows you are using encrypted
passwords, but the log shows that pam auth is used.

If you use encrypted password samba authenticates against the smbpasswd
database, so pam has no say.

If you don't use encrypted passwords then samba authenticates against
/etc/passwd using pam if available on your system.

>cat /etc/passwd | > /etc/passwd
Hope you didn't do this :)
cat /etc/passwd | > /etc/smbpasswd
sets up the passwd database, but then you need to do
smbpasswd <user>
for every user to set up the passwords:
smbpasswd smbuser

then do

smbclient '\\bucka\wps' -Usmbuser%pass -P

then look at the samba log and /var/log/messages

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