Automatic compile testing on interval

S. Striker s.striker at
Sat Jan 8 08:57:47 GMT 2000


Is there need for an automic generated report, let's say every 48 hours,
if there are errors or warnings when compiling the latest checkout of
a cvs branch?
I started providing this service for the SAMBA_TNG branch a week ago and
Luke seems to like it very much. He pointed out to me that this could be
of some use for other branches too. It is also more convenient to send
reports to samba-cvs instead of the personal address of Luke, because
some warnings (or errors ;-) are not in his code.

The inner workings:
Checkout latests source with cvs
Run ./configure.developer
Run make
If there are errors (or warnings), send an email report with the output
of make and ./configure.developer in them.

The compile test is performed on a RH6.0 box with kernel 2.2.13 (always
on an Intel platform (i686).


Sander Striker

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