Ethernet Errors - One Direction Only

John john at
Sat Jan 8 05:36:45 GMT 2000

At 07:25 PM 1/4/2000 -0800, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>OK, I'm game for solving this one...

NEWS!!!  The latest & greatest.

Well, put together my new WB box this evening and put in a D-Link to start!
 Same problem, second verse!!!

Shut down the Penguin and took the LinkSys and swapped with the WB.
Hummm.....  Seems the Penguin had better luck digesting packets with the
LinkSys doing the transmitting, D-Link receiving.  No errors WB --> Linux.
Hummm....  However, slower than a 7 year itch.  Minutes instead of
seconds...  Linux --> WB, 22 sec. for ~50Mb.

Needless to say, I am going to be in D-Link's drawers come Monday morning <G>

I wish to thank all who had suggestions.  My appreciation cannot be
measured.  I hope I may be of service to one, or all of you someday.  With
that, I guess this thread is ending.  Although, I may post the results of
my conversation with D-Link after Monday <G>

Thanks again...

John Jaeger - Billings, Montana

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