Security Identifier (SID) to User Identifier (uid) Resolution System

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Wed Jan 5 17:13:23 GMT 2000

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> Resolution  System
> On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Cole, Timothy D. wrote:
> AH!  you're talking about a _kernel_ level implemntation that uses this
> stuff, not samba.
	Yes; that's what I meant when I said I was getting off on a tangent

> ok...  having created a uid / gid, it's permanent, so it's ok.  ither
> representations are then nothing to do with this.  it's _external_
> representiations that, say, samba or winbind use, that sid/uid converion
> becomes imprtant.
	Pretty much.  The kernel table would more likely be (indirectly)
updated from winbind or whatnot, rather than the other way around.  The main
clever thing that would allow would be using uids and gids even with a
mounted NTFS filesystem, and everything still working as expected.

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