Bertilsson, Ulf Ulf.Bertilsson at compaq.com
Wed Jan 5 14:16:48 GMT 2000


I have a small question about the browse.dat file.

Here is my browse.dat file:

"RAMIGA"                  c0001000 "INET"                        "RAMIGA"
"AMIGA4000"               40009a03 "Amiga 4000 Samba 2.0.5a"     "RAMIGA"
"INET"                    40472003 "ULF"                         "RAMIGA"

I want to know how I can decode the hex numbers to what kind of resource it

What I basicly want to make is an Wintel "Network Neibourhood" visual
representation of my network.

Anyone care to show me how to decode this ?

Best Regards

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