Unsubscription help

rlau2 at csc.com rlau2 at csc.com
Wed Jan 5 07:14:19 GMT 2000

I've noticed the my email address registered on samba-technical is
rlau2 at csc.com. Don't know why they did not register it as rlau2 at csc.com.au,
which has always been the case.

Anyway, I tried to unsubscribe from the Samba-Technical mailing list but was
rejected, because of my email rlau2 at csc.com.au is different from the one
registered on the Samba Server. Our political procedure to change that to
rlau2 at csc.com is very complex.

Can anyone help me to make my unsubcription process successful?

Raymond Lau
Email: rlau2 at csc.com.au

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