Andrew Tridgell tridge at linuxcare.com
Wed Jan 5 06:46:13 GMT 2000

> Ok but for 2.0.7 I'm going to do the simple fix :-). Ok ?

it will fail when you have a large number of interfaces. Thats what
bit me, I had 3 interfaces and the loop over interfaces called lp_*
functions in name_query, with 3 interfaces we used more than 10

I've now implemented talloc() and committed it to the head branch. Its
less than 80 lines of code and seems to work pretty well. It fixes the
bug that sparked off this discussion. I'll leave it up to you to
decide if it should go in 2.0, my guess is it probably shouldn't.

Cheers, Tridge

PS: see lib/talloc.c for the implementation if anyone is interested.

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